Before Your Spray Tan

What To Do Before You Come In

What you do before you get your spray tan is just as important as what you do after you get sprayed.

  • Shower

  • Shave

  • Exfoliate

The goal is to be as dry and exfoliated as possible. It is very important that you DO NOT apply any lotion before you get your spray tan. Remember…Dry as possible. The other thing to keep in mind is what you should wear as you are being sprayed. Julie, JK, Madison, Joey & Allie have 16 years of combined experience and they want you to feel comfortable. So if you don’t want to wear anything; totally fine (that is actually how most women get sprayed), but if you want to wear something during your session, an old bathing suit works well.

But if you get sprayed with no top (bra/bathing suit), leave with no top. ie. if you get sprayed topless, DON’T put a bra on when you leave! Oh, and make sure you bring some loose fitting clothes for afterwords (avoid tank tops).