Tanning Bed Repair

We repair beds and change bulbs for apartment & condo complexes, businesses, and homes.

Bed & Booth Repair

Adam Lewis, owner of Tanning Oasis Tuscaloosa, has 13 years experience maintaining & repairing tanning beds.

Over the last decade, we have repaired over 25 different types of beds. You can trust that we will give you a fair estimate on your repairs. We can come to your complex, business, or home to inspect and repair your tanning bed.

New Bulb Installation

We order new bulbs for your tanning bed and replace your old bulbs.

Tanning Oasis has been in business for over 16 years and during that time we have been able to secure a large discount on new bulbs. Based on your exact tanning bed, we give you an accurate quote on purchasing and replacing the bulbs in your bed or booth.

Types Of Beds We Service

  • Wolff

  • ETS

  • UWE

  • Sunco

  • Prosun

  • Sun Dome

  • Sonnenbraune

  • Ergoline

  • UltraSun

  • LPI

Don’t worry if your specific bed is not listed. All tanning beds have certain things in common. They all function in the same way, they sometimes just differ in components and design.