Do I need to wear tanning lotion?

The Answer Is Yes!

This is not a sales-pitch. When you go to the beach, do you lay out with no sunscreen, oil or lotion on? NO. Because you get darker when your skin is moisturized. It is 100 times more important to wear tanning lotion when tanning indoors. It is harmful for your skin to lay without wearing an indoor tanning lotion. Sunless tanning products and tanning lotions are especially formulated to help you acquire a superbly tanned skin while offering protection against the adverse effects of the sun.

Contrary to the popular misconception that indoor and sunless tanning products are just money-making scams, these products do offer benefits that are more than just cosmetic. In fact, these indoor and sunless tanning products offer you good value for money by allowing you to tan while still maintaining a healthy and younger looking skin and by maximizing your indoor tanning efforts.

Bronzing Lotions

Almost every lotion on the market today contains bronzers. There are only one or two lotions left that have “accelerators”, because they don’t do anything-it’s a novelty. There are different kind of bronzers- natural bronzers like mushroom, monoi, CoQ10 etc. and DHA-based bronzers. Almost every bronzing lotion contains a little DHA (sunless) to extend the life of your tan.

Tingle Lotions

Tingle is a skin-stimulating additive that causes the blood to rise to the surface of the skin. This has a reddening effect, but because the top layer of skin is stimulated, you get MUCH darker than with a bronzing lotion alone. It’s a weird feeling but it works.


Aloe Vera


Most lotions are water based, but recently an increasing number of lotions are using “silicone bronzers” which means the lotion base is a mixture of water and silicone. Simply put, lotions that contain silicone bronzers make the skin feel much smoother and moisturized than water-based lotions. Aloe Vera based lotions are very good for the skin but are difficult to rub in.

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Here is some useful information that will give you a better insight into sunless tanning products, skincare tanning lotions and indoor tanning lotion and will help you see why they are beneficial when tanning:


Premium sunless tanning products and tanning lotions offer a refractive prism of natural oils including sunflower oil and hemp seed oil as well as aromatherapy essential oils and aloe-vera gel. The refractive prism causes a magnification of the ultraviolet light that reaches your skin, helping your tan to get intensified. Given the same amount of time, people who avoid using tanning products are likely to achieve a lower level of tanning as compared to people who used the product.


Healthy skin is of utmost importance for acquiring a dark tan. Indoor as well as outdoor tanning products are specially formulated to provide the skin with vital moisture that is necessary before tanning and also after tanning. Healthier skin has the capacity to hold on to a tan for a longer period of time than unhealthy skin. This gives you the added benefit of being able to achieve a darker, deeper tan by building upon the existing foundation.

Dry skin on the other hand tends to flake, peeling away layers of tan with it. Sunless tanning products and tanning lotions keep your skin constantly moisturized, which is essential during the tanning process. These lotions contain a host of vital ingredients including vitamins, natural oils, minerals, anti-oxidants, natural botanical extracts and aloe vera; all of which help boost your tanning efforts. People who do not use tanning lotions and other sunless tanning products do not get the valuable benefits that these nutrients offer.

Tanning without this extra support causes the skin to get dry faster, which causes the tan to fade away in a shorter period of time as the dried skin flakes away.

Skin Conditioning

Tanning products and tanning lotions are specially designed to provide the skin with supplementary tanning ingredients that are vital during the tanning process; irrespective of whether you acquire the tan using a tanning bed or basking in the hot sun.