Level Four

“Bronzing” booth for those who burn easily or don’t tan often


Our Level Four tanning booth is 8-minute stand-up bronzing booth. It has 60 220-watt bronzing bulbs. If you are very fair or want to even out areas that the lay down beds don’t reach. Most people think the higher the level, the stronger it is. FALSE! All of our beds are strong, but they are strong in different ways. The higher the level, the more bronzing it is. That means this booth won’t burn you.

Your tan lasts longer with higher level beds than with level one. They filter out the rays that burn you, and put out only the rays that are helpful (bronzing=UVA). So if you are fair-skinned or don’t tan easily, you HAVE to do these higher levels.

You also want to use these beds if you only come once or twice a week because they tan you deeper (lasts longer). If you burn easily don’t do level one!

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