Built for those who tan easily and don’t burn.

Level One

If you tan easily, level one is made for you. These beds are strong but more of a “burn” you strong. These beds have 32 100-watt bulbs. Here is the thing though, if you have the skin that doesn’t burn easily and you tan often, you will get darker in level one than in the higher levels. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the lower levels are not strong- they are very strong.

You do have to come more often, at least three times a week, because you are only tanning the top layer of your skin. So it doesn’t last as long as the higher levels but not to worry because you are coming more often.

We keep our level one tanning beds stronger than any other salon in Tuscaloosa!

Level TwoLevel Three and Level Four are made for those who have fair skin, often burn or don’t tan often.

For information on the prices of packages for these beds.