Level Two

Semi-bronzing with a good mix of “burning” and “bronzing”

Level Two

Our Level Two tanning beds are 15-minute lay down semi-bronzing beds. They have 41 bulbs and 3 High Pressure 1000-watt facial bulbs. Most people think the higher the level, the stronger it is. FALSE! All of our beds are strong, but they are strong in different ways. The higher the level. the more bronzing it is. Level Two has a little of both – a lot of bronzing power but a little of the burning rays as well.

Your tan lasts longer with level two than level one. They filter out most of the rays that burn you, and put out a little of  the rays that burn you as well. So if you are a little fair-skinned or don’t tan easily, you can use level two.

You also want to use these beds if you only come two or three times a week because they tan you deeper (lasts longer). If you burn easily don’t do level one!

For more information on price specials on packages for these beds.

For information on the prices of packages for these beds.